Gebruik je yogakussen: Vier ideeën

Use Your Yoga Pillow: Four Ideas

Yoga cushions are an essential tool for any yogi. They provide support and comfort, enabling people to take their poses to the next level. But yoga cushions can be used for more than just your regular exercises - there are plenty of ways to use them outside of the studio. Here are five creative ways to put your yoga pillow to good use

1. Meditation Cushion:

A yoga cushion can provide a comfortable base for your meditation practice at home or even in the studio. Put it on the floor and sit on it, and you'll find yourself sitting in a much more comfortable position for extended periods of time. The cushion also provides extra cushioning when sitting on a hard surface, making it easier to stay in one position while meditating

2. Supportive Support:

If you're new to yoga, props like blocks and straps may not feel as supportive as they should during certain poses, especially those that require you to balance or stretch your muscles. A yoga cushion can give you extra support by adding an extra layer between you and the floor or other aids you use during your practice. This is ideal if you need more stability or balance during certain poses.

3. Core Strengthener:

Placing a yoga pillow under your back while performing core exercises can add an extra layer of intensity to the workout and make your abs even stronger. Try different core exercises like planks or crunches with a pillow under your back - you'll find that the extra cushioning creates more instability that causes the muscles to work differently than normal, leading to greater strength gains over time!

4 Deep Relaxation Tool:

After a long day at work or school, there's nothing better than coming home and putting yourself in deep relaxation mode with some gentle stretching and restorative poses backed by a soft yoga pillow! Place it under your head when you lie down in the savasana pose - the elevation helps release tension from the neck muscles, making it easier to fully relax in this resting position after all those hours hunched over desks, computers and textbooks!

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