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Optimize your yoga exercises with yoga blocks

Yoga blocks are essential tools for both novice and experienced yogis. They provide extra support and flexibility, making more difficult poses more accessible. These blocks help maintain stability and balance, which is crucial for correct yoga performance.

Various sorts

Yoga blocks are available in different sizes and materials. You can choose a lightweight foam variant or a natural cork block for more strength. Foam blocks are popular for their portability, while cork blocks provide extra strength. The standard dimensions of a yoga block are approximately 23 cm long, 10-15 cm wide and 7.5-10 cm thick.

Foam vs. cork yoga blocks

There are some differences between foam and cork yoga blocks. Foam blocks are soft and comfortable, ideal for sensitive areas such as the spine or tender joints. Cork blocks are sturdier and natural, which is appreciated by many yogis. They provide excellent support for postures that require more stability.

Yoga blocks with Rounded corners

To ensure comfort, all yoga blocks have rounded corners. This ensures a smooth transition in different positions and prevents discomfort due to sharp edges, especially with cork blocks.

Various positions

A yoga block is designed for versatility. It can be used lying down, standing up or on a narrow side depending on the support needed. With multiple blocks you can vary your exercises even more.

Injury prevention

Incorrectly performed postures can lead to injuries. A yoga block helps maintain balance and prevent injuries. In addition, a yoga strap can be useful for extra support and flexibility.

Is a yoga block suitable for you?

Yoga blocks are suitable for all yogis, regardless of experience level. They help beginners adopt correct postures and provide advanced users with extra support during challenging poses.


Cleaning a yoga block is easy. Just use a damp cloth.