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You may have seen them in a yoga studio. Such a big round pillow that you have to do something with. Laying your head? Do you have to sit on this?
You have no idea what the hell to do with it or if you really need it.
meditation cushion

Here's some explanation about this pillow.

You can use the pillow in several ways to make it easier to get into a position and to support you.
If you come to sit on the cushion, it is very important to sit on the front of your cushion. If you sit on the front of the cushion, your sit bones are lifted a bit and you can tilt the pelvic area a little more easily. This helps you to sit more easily with a straight back. When you sit on the back of the cushion, you almost automatically sink into your lower back. This is actually bad for your back and your lower vertebrae.
Furthermore, the pillow can help you in, for example, a forward bend to support your knees so that you can sit in a safer position here too. The cushion can also bring the ground a little closer so that you can stand or sit in a position with a little more ease.
Finally, a pillow can be nice for you to place under your knees at the end of relaxation, so that your back is better supported. (This is certainly nice if you have a somewhat hollow back). Take a look at our meditation cushions !
meditation cushion

But what exactly is in that pillow?

Are those white plastic balls? Usually there is buckwheat hull in it, which ensures that it forms a bit to your body. So it can support you well. You can also fill a sleeve in many of the pillows or take something out if it feels a bit too high for you.
Organic material also has the function of making you ground / grounded just a little better. So that can help you to get out of your head and into the body a little easier and thus put the day away from you a little easier and let you fully focus on your practice or your meditation.


So the conclusion is that a yoga pillow can really help you in several ways in your yoga practice or your meditation or even your relaxation, so my professional opinion is that a yoga pillow certainly contributes to good posture and yoga practice.
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